About us


Odondoo is the first ultra local social network. The goal of this social media is to encourage all local interactions. Find what is happening around you, talk about it and find something to do at a reasonable price.

Francois Paquette

After renovating several buildings in the neighbourhood, and living in his comunity for over 15 years, François realised that many of his friends had such varied skills and yet everyone was in need of some kind of help. He began thinking about creating an application that would allow users in the same comunity to help each other out.

After 15 years as a programmer and a lead programmer in the video game industry, François has experience in pretty much all technical and managemerial areas.

François has experience working for startups and has started several companies in the past. He is also a builder and a landlord managing several buildings.

Gabriel Ware

The idea of Odondoo came to Gabriel after moving from France to Quebec. Gabriel is a programmer during the day and a Krav Maga teacher most evenings. He realised that he was frequently needing some help : sometimes to fix something in the house, sometimes to take care of the cat, and many other things. That's when he realised there was no good application where people could exchange skills.

Gabriel has 13 years of professional programming experience. He managed teams of all sizes in the video game industry and helped recruiting programmers at Ubisoft Montréal. He co-authored ‘Game Programming Gems 8’ and gave conferences and training in France and in Québec.

Gabriel had the opportunity to learn business management through the training at SAJE Montréal in 2017 and by founding and administrating Krav Maga Montréal since 2011.

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